Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Cafe
 There is a cafe down stairs from my office called The Cafe. This is an all natural place to eat that serves all organic dishes. I was very skeptical of this place for the first couple months I was in the building because I had always assumed organic food tasted bad. It wasn’t until one day when it was raining really badly and I didn’t feel like traveling for food that I decided to give it a try. Unlike McDonalds and a lot of fast food places, this place had a different vibe. The customers just seemed a lot different and a lot nicer than other places. They also seemed a lot healthier than the average Burger King regular. Not only that but the place just had a clean feel to it and the employees were friendly. Although the menu was a little pricey I decided to give it a try. I asked the employee what you would suggest for a first time customer. He told me that I should try the Veggie Chili and rice. He said it was what they were famous for and it was the perfect dish towards starting your organic experience. I did and now I am hooked. I also feel a lot healthier and since it cost so much I go only was a day but I feel great.

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